A Graduation Gift that Stands the Test of Time


The only real failure in life is one not learned from.” Anthony J. D’Angelo, The College Blue Book Ah, graduation. A lot of hard work, time, talent, money and drive have led to this point: a milestone that will be celebrated, photographed and remembered forever. Whether from high school, college, law school, medical school, or what have you, graduation is a wonderful time of excitement and change. How to mark the occasion? You can always write a check. (What new graduate doesn’t need money?) Before you whip out your wallet, however, remember that cash is practical, yet very impersonal. Because you’re reading this, it’s a good guess that the graduate is a special woman in your life, she worked hard to get where she is, and she deserves a graduation gift that is truly memorable. How about something memorable, practical, meaningful and beautiful? Try pearls. Pearl jewelry—whether pearl studs, a pearl pendant or a beautiful pearl strand—is a classic and wonderful addition to any woman’s jewelry box. Whether she’s heading off to college, interviewing for jobs, about to embark on a career, or planning a wedding, the recent graduate can wear pearl jewelry for instant polish. Added bonus: She’ll remember you every time she wears them. Which pearls to choose Pearls come in many beautiful styles, shapes and designs, but for graduation, a simple classic style that will stand the test of time is best. (They don’t call them staples for nothing.) Because classic pearls are so popular, there are a variety of options from which to choose. The following are classics she’ll reach for again and again. • Pearl stud earrings: The great thing about pearl studs is that they go with everything. Round, white pearls with a rosé overtone flatter most skin types, and make a wonderful addition to any jewelry box. Some stores even carry pearl studs for non-pierced ears. • 16 inch pearl strand: A matched pearl strand is a jewelry staple for a reason: it’s a classic—not to mention a no-brainer accessory that a woman can reach for to instantly add polish to an outfit. Shorter strands worn closer to the throat draw attention to the wearer’s face and skin; with their dewy complexions, young women look fantastic in pearl chokers. This style sits close to the throat and looks great with a business suit, v-neck sweater, tee-shirt or open-collared dress shirt. • 18 inch pearl strand: This slightly more versatile, “princess” length necklace can be worn with most any neckline, and will serve the graduate well throughout her life. The princess length is a very popular choice for a great reason: it works well with everything from turtlenecks to sweaters, business suits, dress shirts, and more. • pearl pendant: A pearl pendant necklace featuring a single, large pearl is a great option that can be worn with many different styles. Choose a thin sterling silver or white gold chain for a modern look. • pearl bracelet: A perfect complement to a bold watch, and slightly more affordable than a pearl necklace, a pearl bracelet adds polish and class. • pearl ring: A pearl ring can make quite a bold and sophisticated statement, especially when the ring features a single, large pearl. The only downside to buying a ring is that you need to know the graduate’s ring size. Classic pearl rings look fantastic with both white and yellow gold. Many retailers and online stores sell classic pearl jewelry in sets. Not only is this great because you pay less for the set than if you purchased a necklace, earrings and bracelet separately, but buying a pearl jewelry set provides the added bonus that the pieces will match. What to look for No matter which style you choose, or whether you buy pearls from a local jewelry store, large retail chain or Internet store (which should offer adequate descriptions of what you’re buying along with a money-back guarantee), keep in mind these tips when you’re shopping for pearls and you won’t go wrong: • You’ll pay more for larger pearls. In general, a larger pearl takes longer to form, and the chances of finding a perfectly round, large pearl are slim. After the 7.5-8mm mark for freshwater cultured pearls and akoya cultured pearls, the most popular pearl types, prices rise dramatically. A 6.5mm strand is both lovely and affordable—and perfect for young women. • Pay attention to luster and surface. Pearls should have a high luster, or surface sheen, meaning they reflect light well. They should also be free from large blemishes such as chips and pits, although small blemishes are acceptable. An absolutely perfect strand is likely faux. Pearls are, after all, a natural product, and small variations are to be expected and do not detract from the pearls’ value. • Round is the hands-down favorite shape. While baroque pearls are gorgeous, and button and coin pearls are modern and affordable, when it comes to classic pearls, round is still in. To check that pearls are uniformly round, ask the jeweler or read the Internet description. If you can handle the strand, roll it on a table. Matched pearls will roll smoothly. • Thickness is important. Most pearls sold today are cultured pearls, and the best ones are formed in oysters or mussels that have been implanted with small, mother-of-pearl beads and mantle tissue or mantle tissue only and left in the water long enough for a sufficient coating of nacre to form. Avoid pearls that have been implanted with large plastic or glass beads or harvested prematurely; they will flake and peel easily. • Pay attention to uniformity. Make sure that pearls in a piece of jewelry are the same size, color, shape and luster. • Beware: Some jewelry makers try to hide smaller or imperfect pearls near the clasp. • Choose color carefully. Pearls look best if they flatter the skin tone of the wearer.

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Jewelry is a most important part of fashion from the very long days. In the past it is worn as a status symbol, as well as to keep the womens safe from evils. Early in history, jewelry was a mark of status of some sort. Perhaps the only people who could wear it were of religious importance, or perhaps they were the only people who could afford it. You’ll find that even though the handmade beaded jewelry from early eras seems primitive to our eyes that it was still crafted with care. For instance, the twisted torques, close fitting necklaces that were worn by the Celts, was often a sign of both manhood and wealth. Later on, jewelry was a mark of privilege and leisure; it was a show that not only could you afford to feed yourself and your loved ones, but that you could spend a lot of extra money on beautiful things. During the Victorian age in Europe, handmade beaded jewelry started taking the shapes that would be very familiar to those of us who wear jewelry today. The Victorian era had a very strong interest in death and funerary arts, though, and this was often eerily represented in so-called mourning jewelry, where people would snip hair from their departed loved ones and weave it into lockets, broaches and rings. Sometimes this jewelry would get very elaborate and it could be quite beautiful, especially when different shades of hair were used. The beginning of the twentieth century saw the beginning of fashion jewelry. Costume jewelry, far from being as cheap or as disposable as the name implies, was actually meant to be jewelry that complemented one particular outfit. Various precious metals and gems could -and often did!- go into the production of costume jewelry. Today, we are experiencing a real renaissance as far as jewelry goes, and whether you love fine handmade beaded jewelry or simply love adorning yourself with something new every day. take a look and see what sort of impact the right piece of jewelry can have on you! Feel sexy, alluring and provocative! Discover custom handmade jewelry designed to enhance your individuality and compliment your beauty. Go now and indulge yourself with affordable uncommonly unique Fashion handmade Beaded Jewelry. Given the fact that Fashion jewelry has played such a role in human history, it is no wonder that Fashion handmade beaded jewelry makes such an important appearance in our myth and legends as well! If you have ever wondered if people were as fascinated with Fashion beaded jewelry in the past as we are today, take a look below for some famous examples of jewelry in our most famous stories. Fashion handmade jewelry is something which you can yourself make and use your innovation. Fashion handmade jewelry always has its characteristic uniqueness that is particular of any handmade thing. No two pieces of handmade jewelry are the same as a matter of fact. They are perfectly natural and come in great variety of colors and designs. They have a charming freshness about them. Handmade beaded jewelry has now become a full-fledged industry wherein the brands have plunged to carve a niche. So its time to get your beads out and start making your own beaded jewelry. Beautiful jewelry is something one can never have enough; well, I am sure most women would agree with me on this point. If you enjoy wearing jewelry as much as I do, I am sure you must be having enough to start off your own jewelry shop by now! I love going through boutiques for designer jewelry and scrounging around in markets for unique jewelry pieces as well. The markets can have loads of designs in store for you and if you lucky enough, with some amount of haggling, you can be the proud owner of some unique jewelry without really spending too much! But there is one area that I have explored and that is wearing unique handmade jewelry. Such handmade jewelry is a great option as it is easy on the pocket and you can create stunning pieces of jewelry by exercising your mind! Wearing unique handmade jewelry gives one the satisfaction of wearing an exclusive piece! This can also make a very stylish and personalized gift as well. You must note that there are three basic techniques when you are dealing with unique handmade jewelry. The first is where you string the beads; the kind of string you use will depend upon what you are planning to design. To keep a distance between the beads, one can make the use of knots or crimps. Wire is also used to make unique kind of jewelry. Here, beads are used in combination to create snazzy designs. Bead weaving is another technique where in, really tiny beads are interwoven and threaded to make small but intricate patterns. So, to get the beaded jewelry and fashion jewelry in wholesale basis any body need to search in any search engine like Google or Yahoo or MSN and they will get a lot wholesale basis websites manufacturing and exporting jewelry on worldwide. Just write them an email with your requirements and they will guide you to the rest process. We, at Chatterjee Fashions is an India (State: West Bengal) based wholesale fashion jewelry and wholesale Bedaed Jewelry export unit. We are engaged in todays fashion requirements as well as all old tradition’s in our Jewelry and handicraft items and introduce these cultural home improvement items and fashions to rest of the world. We wholesale fashion jewelry, Beaded jewelry, Ladies fashion Handbags, Ladies hand crafted Handbags, Ladies beaded Handbags, statues and sculptures etc.

Adorning The Body With Jewelry


Since time in memorial, people have always adorned themselves with jewelry to make themselves look more beautiful and to enhance their looks. It has played an important role in various cultures and religions all over the world. Jewelry has through the years continued to be a fundamental accent to the over all look of people worldwide. In ancient times, jewelry has even been used to classify the people based on their class or status in society with the royalty and the rich being able to adorn themselves with expensive and precious jewels while the middle class and poor accessorizing themselves with only those that they could afford. Currently, adorning the body with jewelry has grown in demand with the body being used as a clean canvass being decorated upon with accessories to enhance more its beauty. Embellishing the body has evolved into an art. You can find people wearing jewelry on their eyebrows, noses, navels and even nipples aside from the traditional jewelries that ornamented the ears, neck, wrists, fingers and ankles. You would have to agree with me that earrings could definitely bring attention to your pretty face. A necklace could also draw interest to a beautiful neck outline and could give the final touch of sophistication to any dress or sexy top. Bracelets could draw attention to your elegantly sculpted arms and smooth skin. A ring could definitely prettily adorn a gorgeously manicured hand. Anklets can make your legs look elegant with a carefully matched shoe. Body jewelry truly helps us enhance the different parts of our body. Jewelry on the nose is also gaining popularity. A simple stud with or without a stone would look nice on the nose. Others also decorate their eyebrows with a jewelry ring. While it may look painful, navel and nipple jewelry are continuously growing in popularity especially among the youth, rockers, and the free spirited individuals looking for some sense of adventure. When wearing body jewelry though, it is important for you to ensure that you are not allergic to the jewelry so be aware with what material it is made of. When having a part of the body pierced, ensure that sterile equipments are utilized to prevent possible infections that may lead to certain complications in the future. When wearing jewelry, it is also important that you don’t overdo it. Wear only enough to accent your look and avoid wearing too much to avoid a cluttered look. Wearing jewelry now is more than just trying to enhance your good looks, it in itself trying to project your style and personal statement

Amethyst Jewellery – The most striking Jewel


If you are shopping for an amethyst ring then you will be wooed and drawn by its subtly seductive color. Amethyst comes in a striking violet color and it is believed that it will protect you from seduction. How ironical! For a long-long time, amethyst has been one of the most striking stone from the quartz family and it has adorned the thrones and crowns of prince and princesses. The great Moses said that it is the symbol of the Spirit of God. Its name was derived for the Greek word ‘amethystos’ meaning not intoxicated. The amethyst is the birthstone of those who were born in the month of February. Over the centuries, many faiths and beliefs have been formed around this magical stone. Some say that it can protect your crops against locusts and storm while others believe that it will bring good fortune in war, destroy evil spirits and enhance the intellect. Those are man made beliefs but gemstone therapists have a different view. They believe that this magnificent stone can have a cleansing effect on the wearer. But above all the stone symbolizes a strong bond of friendship. In the early ages, amethyst was mostly worn by bishops and cardinals. The hardness of this stone is 7 on the Moh’s scale, and it permits moderate refraction but its crystal structure is most unconventional. The crystal structure construction of the amethyst is stratified and due to this, you will find certain lamellae and areas having varying color intensity. If you come across a large cut amethyst then you will find that the color is not uniform across the stone. Scientists owe this variation in color to certain iron constituents that are connected to the natural radioactive radiation. Amethyst also changes its color when heated and it can become yellow or colorless when heated at 400 degrees. There are few rare incidents where people have found bi-colored amethyst and this has been named ametrine. There are some amethysts that will turn pale or colorless in broad daylight. Although the reason behind this phenomenon still eludes scientists but you can re-color your amethysts by using radium radiation. Since amethysts can lose its color hence it is always advised that amethysts jewelry or rings should not be worn while sunbathing or when you are in a solarium. Apart from the sunlight, even extreme change in temperatures can cause damage to the stone. The biggest deposit of amethysts has been found in Brazil and Uruguay. The third country that has amethysts deposit is Madagascar. The largest cavity of amethyst was discovered in Rio Grande do Sul in 1900. Diggers found dark violet amethysts that were as big as an adult fist and weighed almost 700 cwt. Today, as compared to diamonds, ruby, and sapphire, the cost of amethysts is much lower but that doesn’t mean it is any less precious. The amethyst is not just another stone, it is a beautiful part of nature that when worn by your loved one will pass on a part of its radiance to her. That’s the magic of Amethyst.

A Woman’s New Best Friend


Imagine walking into a restaurant and having all eyes on you. Like most women, I love attention, but recently I got more attention and compliments than I knew how to handle. During a casual dinner with friends, my sparkling white gold two-carat Moissanite earrings stole the show. One dinner companion whispered, “Those are the most beautiful diamond earrings I’ve ever seen.” I explained they weren’t diamonds but a new jewel: Moissanite. Before I knew it, I was the talk of the table. People had questions and comments like “What is Moissanite?” “They’re so brilliant, they must have cost a fortune!” “Are they rare?” and “I have to have them.” Well ladies, if you want to know my secret, read on. Moissanite is giving women the opportunity to own quality, eye-catching jewelry at affordable prices. What is the story behind this jewel? In 1893, Dr. Henri Moissan, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist began studying fragments of a 50,000-year-old meteorite. In these fragments, Moissan believed he discovered diamonds from space possessing superior fire and brilliance. After extensive research, it was concluded that Moissan discovered a new mineral. In 1905, it was named Moissanite in his honor. During the late 1980s, inspired by Moissan’s discovery and by the fact that natural Moissanite is incredibly rare, Charles & Colvard (Nasdaq: CTHR) developed a proprietary process for producing large crystals of Moissanite. By 1995, Charles & Colvard were the sole source for Moissanite jewels, possessing two worldwide patents. “Moissanite’s superior diamond-like appearance is incredible,” said Nat Hyman, president of Landau, the nation’s largest accessory boutique with more than 70 stores. “The customer is getting so much more for the money.” “But once they leave the store, are they going to tell even their best friends?” asked Nick Baxevane, also of Landau. “Moissanite looks like what a beautiful diamond should look like, so what they tell their friends is their decision. They can have the million dollar look without the million dollar price tag.” Moissanite is available at Landau nationwide in upscale malls, hotels, casinos and airports.

5 Tips on How to Find the Best Wholesale Jewelry


Whether you’re a fashion retailer, an e-trailer, an eBay seller, or you simply want to earn some extra income selling costume jewelry, the key to success is finding great wholesale jewelry from a costume jewelry supplier. Finding high quality wholesale fashion jewelry can be an elusive quest, though, so here are five tips to get you started. 1. When it comes to wholesale jewelry, import is king. Almost all fashion jewelry is imported, so you need to find a costume jewelry supplier that obtains jewelry from around the globe. The more sources of jewelry the supplier has, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to find the variety of pieces you need at bargain prices. In addition, you’ll be assured of a steady stream of new pieces and your ability to obtain the wholesale jewelry you need won’t be hampered by world events that negatively impact those wholesalers with only one supply chain. 2. Find a jewelry trend spotter. Unless you’re steeped in the world of fashion, you won’t be exposed to the nuances of seasonal jewelry trends. A good wholesale jewelry store will do your homework for you, and offer pieces that reflect the latest trends in jewelry design. You don’t want to be stuck with chunky necklaces when fine filigree is in fashion, but you want to make sure you have enough hoop earrings when they hit the fashion runways. 3. Don’t forget the classics. Although it’s important to have a variety of trendy pieces, a good wholesale costume jewelry supplier will also carry the classics, like sterling silver, cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystal, and semi-precious stone jewelry. Unless you specialize in being fashion forward, more traditional pieces are staples that will sell year-round. 4. Look for breadth and depth. Accessories consist of more than earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, so your wholesale jewelry supplier should carry a wide variety of pieces. Anklets and toe rings are must-haves, but so are body jewelry, cell phone jewelry, hair accessories, key chain charms, and bejeweled belts. 5. Look for minimums, shipping, and customer satisfaction. When you’re shopping for wholesale jewelry, find a costume jewelry supplier that has a reasonable minimum purchase. You may not be able to – or want to – commit to investing a significant sum of money in fashion jewelry. An online wholesale jewelry store, for example, may only have a fifty-dollar minimum order, which is a perfect place to start. In addition, it’s important that the supplier you select has the merchandise in stock, rather than forcing you to wait until they receive their jewelry import. Look for a company that ships on the same business day or by the next business day at the latest. Finally, one of the best ways to judge a wholesale jewelry supplier is by their commitment to customer satisfaction. The supplier should be able to provide you with testimonials, and attest to the importance of customer satisfaction to their business.

All About Jewelry


Be it any moment of your life you always aspire to look the best and posses the best possible appearance. And if it’s your marriage you want to look, as beautiful as never before. Sparkling array of designs for every mood and personality from wild sensuality to serene gracefulness, from divine beauty to alluring exotica and much more for every woman is available all over the world. A lot of people know the fact that buying and specially importing bulk jewelry in wholesale price can save a lot of money for them and they do follow this tip while spending on jewelry. The glamour of trinkets and Jewelry has eluded minds since its evolution and will never fade out. There are a number of ornaments that fascinate everybody like necklaces, bracelets, watches, scarves, rings, handbags, brooches, belts and clips. In fact the power of its dazzle has kept men and women spellbound till today. The glitter, its sheer worth and the aura it radiates has gripped us all. Society owes importance to women and women owe it to Jewelry. When it is Diamond, it is not only the investment of your money but also like rewarding your emotions. Exceptional and mesmerizing, mysteries and magical, the diamond has brought up flames in romantic passion throughout history. The one, signifying wealth and status, the diamond remains one of the most luxurious and sought-after gifts for any romantic and triumphant occasion, a gem whose purity and brilliance symbolizes long lasting love. As it is an old saying that Gold is an investment, but Diamonds are forever. You can get a wide range of classic and modern Jewelry at incompatibly lowest prices. And their designs take your breath away. Jewelry with all its glitter is a subject of lasting interest. Silver, gold, diamond and other gem stones are most commonly found ingredients of good jewelry. Jewelry rich in ethic beauty and craftsman can transform a girl into glamour queen. Styles and dress code change from time to time but jewelry has held ground through centuries. Loyalty of woman to this fashion accessory remains unraveled, the constancy may have got something to do with the value of gold which can be cashed in time of need but women basically want to adorn themselves with jewelry which upgrades their feminity. There are many BIS approved jewelry stores all over the world and also the distributors for the big brands like D’dmas and Nakshatra diamonds. Jewelry comes in various designs like polka stone studded Swarovski Austrian crystal and gemstone bridal jewelry styles in both sterling silver and traditional styles. Unique and classical designs consist of precious and semi-precious gemstones with Swarovski crystal because it glistens like no other. Now a day’s kundan and polki Jewelry is in great demand. We should not deny the fact that glittering gold and sparkling diamonds are surely going to make any occasion a lot more different for years to come.

A Waste of Packaged Gold


As we drove by the plush residential homes, some recently covered with a fresh coating of paint and with the variously landscaped yards displaying their beautiful spired shrubs, flowering gardens and well watered green lawns, it could not be helped but to notice the evenly placed lawn bags filled to the brim with yard waste, just waiting to be carried away by the scheduled garbage pickup. So much labor must have gone into neatly and carefully packing each one of them so they wouldn’t be torn open by a stiff twig or two. Each fall and spring a similar scene is reenacted by most of us who seasonally do our traditional yard cleanup. Having been a fairly devout organic gardener in the 1980’s and traditionally would save every bit of waste clippings from our yard that would then go into a 4×4 foot by 4 feet high loosely constructed wooden bin for later processing and churning into a fine mulch, it was difficult to see virtually truckloads of “Organic Gold Plant Food” just waiting to be carted away to some landfill, or just possibly be used for fuel in some local utility supplier’s furnace. It is beyond my understanding how this “fuel” for plants can be placed on the discard list. With this fresh on my mind, I recollect a book written by Ruth Stout, an avid gardener, who appropriately called her book…”The No Work Garden” which showed how she only used bales of hay in the 1950’s and earlier to build her garden, spread the hay in the fall and after being well compressed through the winter, she would then simply place the vegetable seed into a small clump of soil at the proper planting time, pressed it firmly and watered to get the seed to germinate. Thereafter, her garden was never watered again. She did this year after year …for thirty years. The soil was perfectly PH level balanced and so were all the required nutrients to sustain all the plants. Sounds like the perfect scenario, but this example is only to show what can be done with most of anyone’s yard refuse…if properly processed. Now, to step back to my 4-foot cube of diverse organic refuse and having filled the bin to about the 3/4 mark by eye, placing a shovelful of topsoil in between 3-4 inch layers of the material, we simply add worms, which can be purchased at a local farm store, or mail ordered through a garden supplier. Usually, they come in a few hundred in quantity and are newborns, but you can also use local worms, picked from decayed leaf. Once placed in your compost bin and watered occasionally, they will quickly multiply and digest the organic material aerating your compost in the process. This process is carried out…automatically without energy expended on anyone’s part, except for the original placement of the material and bin construction. After 3 or 4 weeks, given proper rainfall and a little watering, your “pot of gold” should be ready to use. Then, simply place a handful of this composted material in a small hole 6 inches deep, for pre-started tomato plants several inches tall, where you plan to plant your vegetable garden. Pack some of this compost mixed with some topsoil around the sides and also dress around the top of each plant. Given the proper rain, sunshine and warmth, your tomatoes will give you a very early harvest, mainly because you did not discard the “hidden gold”.

Look At The Years of Celebrities Wearing Jewelry


As far back as one can remember famous celebrities have been wearing the jewelry made by famous jewelry designers. Through out many eras and many styles the celebrities and jewelry designers have held a close bond. Who better to display your beautiful pieces than a beautiful celebrity that has already captured the audience’s attention. Elizabeth Taylor will always be remembered for her glamorous and beautiful look. I cannot remember any time that I have seen Elizabeth without her jewels to adorn her. This was a lady with a fashion style like no other. From gorgeous pearls adorning her face to beautiful diamonds adorning her neck. She knew how to make a fashion statement! Ava Gardner was a woman with a glamorous fashion style that did not go unnoticed. Whether she choose to wear her best diamond earrings or her favorite Trifari necklace she always looked spectacular. There are many of us who could pick up a few tips from Ava’s flare! Joan Crawfard and Joan Collins are another two that simply can’t be outdone. One must wonder how a women so easily learns to be that refined and beautiful at all times. Like Cleopatra it seems to be bred deep within the soul. Let us not forget about royalty. Although not perhaps celebrities as we think of them still important figure heads that are within the public eye. How about the gorgeous jewels of the Duchess of Windsor or Umbero II of Italy. Then there was Princess Mary of Great Britain who was seldom seen without her jewelry adornments. To more modern times, what about that beautiful engagement ring that Camela Parker Bowls was seen wearing. An outstanding piece of jewelry on a women that quite commonly presents herself in a very traditional refined style. No glamour here except for that drop dead gorgeous ring! Whether we are talking about Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, or Katie Holmes celebrities give us the opportunity to see jewelry designs in play. They instantly help develop a desire for a certain jewelry piece or look. We’ve got plenty we can learn from the styles of celebrities. And once these designer jewelry pieces grab hold it isn’t long before someone is making a similar piece that our pocket books can afford. So keep watching the stars for great jewelry to make your fashion statement!

Affordable jewelry a click away


Ever get tired of searching through endless mall shops, trying to find high quality jewelry at affordable prices? How about attending big jewelry sales that just fail to deliver? If this sounds familiar to you, you should join a growing crowd of millions of consumers who are finding affordable, high quality jewelry online. Everything from wedding bands, engagement rings, diamond anniversary bands, watches and more can all be found online and purchased from the comfort of your own home. Nowadays, internet shopping has become appreciated and used by all social and age groups, as an ideal alternative to crowded, schedule restricted jewelry shops. And why shouldn’t it be so popular when it saves you precious time, effort, and money? Imagine having to find a special ring or a wedding band just a few days from such holidays as Valentine’s Day, when all the jewelry stores are invaded by hundreds and hundreds of people just as busy as you. Senseless hours being wasted perusing through overprice jewelry being sold by commissioned sales associates. It’s time to find a better way. Online jewelry shops offer a varied range of products, from earrings to gemstone jewelry, from rings and bands to watches and special products (for special occasions). Also, you can find pieces of jewelry made from white or yellow gold, platinum, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, and precious gemstones – including rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and more. A variety of products, for all tastes and fit for every occasion, lie waiting to be discovered. You can easily find the most amazing pieces of jewelry, from diamond anniversary bands to golden or pearl rings and earrings. And online selection cannot be beat. There are literally millions of pieces of jewelry available on the web – far more than any one store could ever stock. Of course, the best feature of online stores is that the prices are usually much lower than brick and mortar shops. Online stores do not have to invest in costly showrooms and have a much lower overhead. This savings is passed on to you, and you benefit by having the same jewelry items at reduced prices. Moreover, many online jewelry stores offer free shipping and money back returns so you can buy for less, but still buy with confidence. Online jewelry shopping is a booming industry as more and more people are feeling comfortable with making larger purchase online. Buying jewelry online just makes sense for so many reasons – the time saved, the virtually limitless selection, and affordable prices. It just can’t be beat. So the next time you are planning on surprising your loved ones with a piece of jewelry you know they’ve been craving, remember to first check on online stores for the best prices and offers. In doing so, you’ve assured yourself a way to a satisfactory shopping experience and have saved yourself the trouble of waiting in line at a big store. Once you’ve experienced the simplicity and effectiveness of online transactions, especially on luxury products like gemstones and jewels, you may never want to go back to brick and mortar shopping again.